About Great Keppel Island


Map of Queensland showing Great Keppel Island

Located in the Keppel Bay Islands and surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park off the Central Queensland coast, Great Keppel Island is a short 30 minute Ferry ride from Yeppoon.

A Tropical Paradise

Keppel is fringed by 17 pristine white sand beaches, coral reefs and clear waters. Swim and relax at a secluded beach, or explore the island's untouched natural beauty via the various bush walking tracks that cater for all ages and fitness levels.

Keppel offers a unique sense of remoteness even though it lies so close to the mainland of Australia, you'll sometimes feel that you have the whole island to yourself.

A Marine Playground

Snorkel and explore the fringing coral reefs, go Beach Fishing or cool off in the crystal clear water. Great Keppel Island has it all.

Island Facilities

In case you start to feel too remote, Great Keppel Island has number of facilities, all within 5 minutes walk of Keppel Lodge.

  • Tropical Vibes: Ice Creams, Snacks, Drinks, Clothing & Souvenirs
  • Hideaway Bar & Bistro: Bar & Bistro (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Watersports Hut: Kayak Hire, Water Ski & Tube Riding
  • Island Pizza: Gourmet Pizzas

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Keppel Lodge is the perfect place to stay to enjoy this unique tropical island, so enquire now for rates and availability to ensure your place in paradise.